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Back on teh LJs

Well, here I am. I'm really hoping people actually get back to using this, but we'll see! I would really like to know what's happening in people's lives.



I was feeling a little wistful, looking at old pictures and missing old days.

Then I thought: today is going to be "old days" someday, and I want to enjoy it while it's here.

Life is alright.


"writer's block" of the day onlj is:
What animal best represents your inner spirit? If you had to wake up as an animal, which one would you choose, and why? Are your two answers the same? Why or why not

whittles and fightingwords, which animals best represents YOUR inner spirit?


my birthday is on the 28th. I'm thinking about having dinner at Souley Vegan at 8 pm. Would people actually come to the east bay for that? Would meat eaters come for that? It's just really tasty (look at the non veggie Yelp reviews!) and totally affordable.

woo hoo! Also, WTF!?

bad news first: WF fucked up on my student loan again. I have officially decided to switch to Patelco. I'm pissed. Fortunately I have the personal line for the guy who supposedly "fixed" it last time, so I left him a very professional message....and I can afford to pay tuition until I get my loan.

better news: I leave for mexico in a few hours! Radio silence starts now, though I wil probably tweet some stuff.

GREAT NEWS!: I got a B in Civil Procedure!!! I'm so happy with that. Sure, an a would have been great, but whatever! I haven't gotten any other grades, and I am NOT allowed to check them while I'm on vacation. I'm guessing I got straight "b"s, which is pretty damn great for my first semester!!!

so, talk to ya all later!

The list

Today I am grateful for:
my stubborness and the parents who taught it to me
my sense of right and wrong
my friends, the ones I talk to every day and the ones who I haven't seen for months
my housemates and my lovely apartment
living in a city I can bicycle in
living in a country where I can drink the tap water
having health care (no thanks to the aforementioned country, though!)
having the ability to change the world
having the belief that I can change the world
a sense of wonder
my pretty decent health

love, puppies, and chocolate!!!

Clearly I need to read the nytimes more often

Apparently conservapedia is attempting to rewrite the bible to fit conservative values. Like free-market ideals. I am not kidding.

And best comment ever, below the article:
“Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for capital gains tax reductions.”

-Republican Jesus

fairy wings?

Hey fl:
does anyone have some white fairy wings I can borrow for a gelfling costume?

Also: skeski friiiiiieeeeeeend.

music recommendations

I can't stop listening to The Jesus and Mary Chain

help me find suitable replacements please!
(what was the name of that band again, jwz ?)
Also, what is your favorite booty hip hop?


edit: LOL! I wrote "holy crap taste heaven". Crap taste. Not two words that need to be combined.

Yes, I am yelling. I just made and ate one of the most delicious things ever.

Creamy (dairy explosion) polenta: cheesy buttery and peppery
topped with oyster mushrooms sauteed with kale, lemon zest, garlic, and thyme.

Want to die now, from the joy.

There is also a pot of borscht just hanging out on the stovetop til I'm ready to eat it. YUM!

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